What better place to celebrate your wedding day, in one of the most romantic and tranquil
settings. Exchange your vows, rings and precious memories in the African bush when on a
Safari. Have your special day with a holiday of a lifetime on either end. Include the thrills of
a luxury safari and time to relax as well. Kenya’s climate is generally sunshine, however it
would be best to avoid the main rainy season between April and May.

Magical Skies are here to help with organizing flights and accommodation and any logistics
in between. If you are wanting more help in organizing your special day, we have the right
contacts for you. Please let us know how better we can make your special day.

Marriage Requirements – Kenya:
To apply for a Special License the couple, which intend to get married must provide
completed and clear copies of the following documentation before travel:

1. Valid passports – copies with minimum of a 6 month validity
2. Birth certificates – copies
3. Full residential address of both partners
4. Certificate of no impediment to marriage from their respective countries, in the case
of single persons (bachelor and spinster)
5. Death certificate and former marriage certificate (if relevant) in the case of a
widowed person
6. Divorce decree absolute in the case of a divorced person
7. Return air ticket for the couple getting married
8. The couple must be physically present before the registrar of Marriages when the
application for the special license is made. They must remain in the country for the
next 4 days which is the period of time the registrar of marriages requires to prepare
and issue the Special License
9. Once the Special license is issued by the Registrar of Marriages, the couple may then
celebrate their wedding in the ‘bush’ with a commissioner, paster or priest
10. Details of occupation for both partners
11. Fathers name, full address and occupation
12. Separate statutory declaration sworn at a solicitor/notary publics office, stating
separately that each of the guests are single and free to marry. Each certificate
should bear the Solicitors stamp and signature. This must be prepared in your
country of residence prior to arrival
13. All documentation must be officially translated into English and accompanied by
original copies
14. Dutch couples must first apply to the Dutch council for clearance to Wed
15. 2 x colour photographs of each person

The couple must bring original copies of the above to Kenya in order to ensure the
successful processing of the license.