CAANS Safari – Ol Pejeta

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is famous for its Innovative, tangible, sustainable conservation for wildlife and people.

With the snowy peaks of Mt. Kenya as your backdrop, your safari in East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary is sure to be as beautiful as it is diverse. Find yourself and the Big Five as you explore 90,000 acres of pure wild with an experienced guide who will share his expert knowledge with you.

Venture out there for close encounters with elephants, wild dog, lion, hyena, buffalo, cheetah, rhino, and all the plains herbivores. Early morning and evening are the best times to explore the Conservancy, as predators are on the hunt and their prey is on high alert.

Ol Pejeta is the closest place to Nairobi to see the Big Five – just three hours drive from Kenya’s capital.

Head out from Nairobi at 0800 hrs to Ol Pejeta Conservacny which is approximatly a 3 hours drive. The drive is scenic as you get to see the World famous DelMonte Pineapple farms and coffee plantations.

You will arrive in time for lunch at your property and head out to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Carry on for a game drive before your get back to the lodge for dinner. As you are having your dinner Elephants and plains game come to the watering hole a stone throw away from your dining area.

After dinner head out for a night game drive to look for the nocturnal cats on the prowl for their dinner.

Return to the lodge to sit around the camp fire.

Head out for an early morning game drive after you grab your Coffee at 0600 hours. IT gets really chilly in the morning hours but warms up just as soon as the sun starts to rise and peak through the clouds.

Return to the lodge for your breakfast and jump into the pool…

After lunch, you will head out with a team of rangers to participate in helping to gather vital research information needed to monitor the collared lions. In the event that the collared lions are inaccessible, other lion sightings are reported and the same identifying features such as whisker spots, ear tears and nose spotting are recorded. It is a great way to learn about lions and all of the information gathered is passed on to the Ol Pejeta Ecological Monitoring Department. It’s thrilling.

(this is subject to availability at time of booking)

Return to the lodge for dinner and entertainment.

Wake up to an early breakfast visit Ol Pejeta’s anti-poaching dog unit. Interact with the dog keepers, and learn about what it takes to look after the highly trained canine team.

After a tour of the kennels, you are encouraged to try and evade the sniffer dogs. Run, jump, twist, turn and find somewhere to hide within the confines of the Morani Information Center area and see if our blood hounds can seek you out. Not only is this great fun for you, but you will also help in keeping the skills of our dogs in sharp shape.

All that will surely turn up an appetite, so head to the Morani Restaurant named in memory of Ol Pejeta’s most famous rhino ambassador, Morani’s was named one of the top 20 amazing places to eat in Kenya’!

After lunch you head back to Nairobi.